Motor Vehicle Accidents:

Have you been injured in a motor vehicle accident? No matter how big or small your accident may be, at Penrose Lawyers we have extensive experience acting for all road users, including drivers, passengers, pedestrians, motor cyclists, cyclists, and quad bike riders.

Accidents involving children can especially be difficult. It is important to choose the right lawyers to deal with such claims. At Penrose Lawyers, we are passionate about defending children involved in accidents. We will not charge legal costs over and above what is recovered from the party at fault’s insurer.

We also act for clients who have sustained injury in the use of heavy machinery involving forklifts, excavators, and the like. These claims are generally complex in nature and we find that such rights are often overlooked by many lawyers. It is important you are properly advised with respect to our rights arising from such accidents.


Workplace Accidents:

Injuries at work can happen in many different ways and vary from small lacerations to broken bones and sometimes result in fatalities. It is important you work in a safe working environment and that your employer looks after your safety. Workplace accidents encompass both physical and psychological injuries. When making a workplace compensation claim it is important to choose the right lawyers. We have the expertise, time and patience to fully explore your rights.

Let Penrose Lawyers help you understand in plain English your entitlements when injured at work and help you take the first steps towards your compensation.


Public Liability:

Many accidents happen in public places or on someone else’s property. Public liability claims come in all shapes and sizes and include the following:
Slip and falls
Public footpaths and roadways
Private property
Shopping Centres
Boats or ships
Sporting accidents
Dog bites
Amusement parks
At Penrose Lawyers we will quickly be able to access each individual circumstances of your accident and provide an honest opinion as to whether your case has any prospects.


Product Liability:

We see many injuries caused by dangerous and/or defective products.
If you have been so affected we can assist you in bringing a claim against the party at fault.
Strict time limits apply. Contact our team for further advice.


Superannuation and Total Permanent Disablement Claims:

Did you know if you’ve been injured and are unable to work to your full capacity, you may have an entitlement to make an income protection or total permanent disablement claim through your Superannuation fund?
We may also be able to help you access your Superannuation funds.

When making a Superannuation or Total Permanent Disablement claim it is important to choose the right lawyers. We have the expertise, time and patience to fully explore your rights.


Medical Negligence:

Complications with medical procedures can be devastating. Whether your claim is against your GP, specialist doctor, or a medical institution, we are here to assist you.
In successful claims, you may be compensated for your loss of quality of life, pain and suffering, loss of earning capacity, medical expenses, and domestic care.
Speak to us to determine what action may be available to you.


Professional Negligence:

If you have been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, you may have rights for compensation. Allow Penrose Lawyers to explain in plain English your rights if you have suffered injury as a result of a service provider, such as a hairdresser and the like.